Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Look out, Mama!

I'm so close!

June has been working on crawling all the time, every day.  She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth and just the last couple of days has started making tiny movements forward.  She can turn around on her knees and go backward, so she can get to pretty much anything she wants eventually.  And she's starting to figure out how to get back to sitting from being on her knees.

It's coming.  Although we know this will make our lives (mine especially) a little harder, we've been rooting her on.  She just wants to crawl so badly.  I know she'll get it soon.

Last night she started say "da da".  Not in a way that actually means, "Dada", of course; but when she said it the first time she said it while smiling and looking at her daddy.  :)  It was pretty cute.  So now she says "ba" and "da" quite well, and we have heard her say "ma" a couple times, too.  She was full of da da's today.  She's learning to talk!

I think - if I remember correctly - that Ava started crawling on the day she turned seven months.  June turns seven months tomorrow (Wednesday).  Will she follow in her big sister's footsteps?  We shall see!

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