Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sister Love

Now that June is crawling all over the place, Ava seems to think she is a little more fun to play with.  And, of course, June still thinks Ava is the coolest thing around.  They are starting to have more and more fun together (when Ava chooses to plays nice).  After lunch today June was crawling all around and Ava was crawling after her.  June thought that was very funny; and once June got to giggling, Ava started giggling.  They were crawling all around and giggling together.  It was enough to make a mama's heart burst (or her head explode, one or the other).  :)

Here is a video of it, although this was toward the end of the fun so it wasn't quite as good as the beginning stuff.  But you get the picture.

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  1. Also, you might notice the sock on June's back. Ava kept putting stuff on her back, like the baby's pacifier that fell off mid-crawl. :)