Friday, January 18, 2013

Sit, Junie, Sit!

June has become quite proficient at sitting.  We've been working on it for a while, but just last week she got it.  And now that she's got it . . . she LOVES it.  She wants to sit almost all the time.  Most of the time (unless she's feeling cranky for some reason) she is happy to sit and play with her toys for pretty long periods of time.  I mean, she'll sit there for 15 . . . 20 . . . sometimes even 30 minutes!  Just sitting on her blanket surrounded by her toys.  Or sitting near us on the floor in the basement sucking on an animal from her ark while we make Lego towers with Ava.  She loves to sit.  And now that she is sitting, all new worlds of opportunities have opened up to her (And me!  Do you know how much I can get done while she sits and plays for 15 minutes!?).  This new independence allows her to . . . 

Sit in the cart like a big girl!
I texted this to Daddy while he was at work and he said it looks like she is doing a happy dance.  I  looked at the picture again and it totally does!
 Yesterday morning we headed out for a walk.  It was only about 35 degrees out, but it was very sunny and the wind was not blowing (amazing!) so it was really quite beautiful.  I bundled the girls up and we headed outside for a bit. Once again, June had a whole new experience as she got to ride in the double stroller without her carseat!

All bundled up and riding in the stroller like a big girl!
She was pretty quiet and still through the whole walk, but every time I leaned down to check on her she would look up at me with a huge grin.  I think she was just busy looking around and taking it all in!

Big sister in front.
Two Punkin' Heads!
We're ready to go, Mom!
A view from our walk.  Of course it was much bigger and more grandiose in person.
Even though it is sometimes a pain to live as far from Fort Collins as we do, I love the views out here!
It was so nice to get outside and get some fresh air.  It has been hard to do that the last couple months and especially hard over the last couple weeks as it has been so cold!
It's fun to see June reaching all these important milestones.  While I can't help but feel a teensy bit sad, as her Mama, I am excited about her new independence.  She seems so happy with her new skills.
Our girls are growing and changing every day and we are SO proud of them!

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  1. Love her, Maggie. And the double stroller! It's like a little bus : ) You are a fun Momma!