Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas with the Kellehers

We are well in to January, so I suppose it is high time to post some pictures from Christmas!  We'll start with pictures from our first Christmas celebration, with the Kellehers.  We went down to Grandpa and Gigi's on a Saturday afternoon/evening and left the girls with them while we went to Tim's company Christmas party, which was in the Denver area.  They graciously watched our girls while we went out and partied.  We had a great time dancing (and drinking, of course) and stayed later than I think we ever have at one of his parties.  I think we just really needed the outing (I know I did!).  On our way back to their house we got stuck by a train for about 30 minutes!  Yikes!  We still made it back at a fairly decent hour, but wished we could have spent that half hour sleeping instead of watching a train go back and forth!
We all spent the night and in the morning Gigi fixed us a fabulous brunch.  There was a Honeybaked Ham, so what more do you need?  :) (Let's just say they know what I like.)  Uncle Toby came over, as well as Tim's cousin, Abby, and her husband, Jeremiah.  After stuffing ourselves we had our little family Christmas celebration by opening presents.  We were headed to Montana for Christmas and Pat and Tina spent it in Arizona, so this was our chance to celebrate together before we went our separate ways.  It was a lot of fun, although the time seemed much too short, as usual.  Here are a few pictures from that day:

Mickey!  He was out on the front porch when we pulled up.  Ava immediately loved him.

New cowgirl boots!

Showing off her Minnie jewelry from Uncle Toby.

Yeehaw!  She loves her new boots, although she is still getting used to walking in a heel.  :)

Making a haul.

Yes, it looks like his eyes are closed . . . but I think that's just the way he smiles.
We tried twice and got the same results.  :)  Love ya, Toby!

Trying out the new wagon (first of two!).

Ava promptly told Gigi, "Get out.  You're too big."  :)

Uncle Toby lets Ava play with his iPhone in ways that Mama never does.  :)
They are like two peas in a pod!

The girls were, of course, spoiled by everyone.  Tim and I feel so blessed by both of our families.  It has been wonderful having Pat and Tina closer to us now.  It still takes a little over an hour to get to their house, but somehow that hour drive is so much more do-able than the old two hour drive.  We love that they are able to be a more consistent part of our girls' lives.  Thanks for all you do, Grandpa and Gigi!  Seeing them more makes it much easier to see Toby more, as well.  Ava always asks if he is going to be there when she knows we will see Grandpa and Gigi.  She loves her Uncle Toby!

More pictures to come soon from our Christmas in Montana.


  1. Mags, I love Ava's boots! And Man, you look beautiful in that picture with June : )