Sunday, May 16, 2010

Home for Now

So much has happened since our last post on Easter Sunday! I'm not really even sure where to begin. On April 13th my beloved dad passed away, ending his very short battle with cancer. On the 17th, instead of celebrating at his wedding, we attended his funeral in Billings, Montana. That whole trip to Montana was very challenging and I still find every day a little challenging as things so often remind me of him and how much I miss him. I suppose it will be that way for quite a while. Maybe forever. Tim has been to Grand Junction and back twice since then and has gotten to spend some good time with his mom. She's a fighter and we're praying that she can hang on long enough to meet our little baby girl, which is her #1 goal at this point. We also made another trip to Montana in there for a baby shower. While Baby and I were showered with love and gifts, Tim helped my step dad, Ernie, move all the furniture out of my dad's house. How fun for them.
Yesterday we attended our day-long birthing class. Although we were dreading it somewhat, we actually kind of enjoyed it. It's nice to have fewer unknowns as D-day (Tim's name for it) gets closer and closer. I'm 34 weeks now, so it shan't be too long. We feel pretty well prepared, though. The nursery is basically done, and we really have more than we need in order to be able to sustain a baby.
Today was a beautiful day and we got a little work done in the yard. It felt good to be out in the sunshine.
I'm posting a few pictures, but they're not really in order. Sorry they're not placed very well. I haven't quite figured out the best way to post pictures yet.

The crib is set up and ready to go! Now the cats think it should be their bed. :P We got really cute bedding from my sister.

More nursery pictures.
Here are a couple pictures from my baby shower in Fort Collins. The girls made very cute decorations and as one of the games all the attendees had to team up and design onesies for Little Miss. They were very cute.

My sister and I as we are heading in for my dad's vigil at St. Bernard's Cat
holic Church. Many jokes were made about our identical bellies.

(below) Uncle Tim with our nephew Cameron at the little birthday party we had for him in Montana. He turned three on the day of my dad's funeral. We had ice cream cake and watched him open some presents (he didn't care much for the clothes - just the cars and trucks). Cameron loves his Uncle Tim.


  1. Maggie, I am praying for you friend! As one of my favorite people in the world, I hate to see you hurting, especially when you are about to go experience the joys of motherhood. That must be hard to go through, anytime, but especially right now, and Tim too. I will continue to pray and if there is anything you need...well, I'll keep asking and you let me know. The baby room is ADORABLE and I love the bedding...did you make it? I am sad I didn't get to be at your baby shower, but hopefully I'll get to see your girl before too long! Micah is excited. And wow is Cameron getting big! Cousins are pretty neat I think...we just got back from spending a weekend with Sarah and Xavier and it was so fun to see the two together. Love you friend, sorry for the novella! Keep us posted : ) Liz

  2. Very cute room! MAN, what a cute banner ;)
    I love the bedding. And, holy cow, Cameron is huge! Weird how they just keep growing like that. Excited for your sister!