Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

It's Easter Sunday and it has turned out to be a pretty nice day. Much better than last year, that's for sure. Last Easter my mom and Ernie were here for the weekend and the weather on Sunday was cold, dreary and wet. But today it's sunny and quite warm, although a little breezy. Mia and I even went out and sat on the back porch for a little bit this afternoon and soaked up some sun. They're starting to build on one of the empty lots behind our house. I'm actually pretty bummed about it because the house will be right in the middle of our view of the mountains. We have such a nice view; although I knew it couldn't last forever. At least, Tim says, more houses will block more of the train noise.

We've enjoyed a pretty quiet weekend at home. We went to the Easter service at our church this morning and it was very nice. They did a silhouette play sort-of-thing of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but it was really very well done. After that we just came home and had some lunch and have been hanging out here. I am cooking a little bit of an Easter dinner tonight, though, with ham, green bean casserole and glorified rice. Yum. It just wouldn't be Easter without ham. :)

Tim has been working more on the crib. He finished staining it this weekend and has re-painted the hardware. Everything just has to dry now and we should be able to put it together in a couple days. He's also been working to fix the sink hole that was created by the side of our house last summer when our neighbors put their fence in. He figured he might as well do it while there is free dirt close by from the basement they just dug behind us.

And that's about it for news around here. We're headed to Grand Junction Friday night for a quick visit. It'll be good to see everyone; I just wish we could go for a little longer. But with an upcoming wedding in Montana and a baby shower up there, there just isn't enough vacation time to go around.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter! HE IS RISEN!!

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