Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Biggest Girl

As Ava gets closer and closer to her 3rd birthday (just under 3 weeks away!) we are in with the "big girl" and out with the "baby"!  Tim and I decided that it was time to do away with the mullet and schedule Ava for her first real haircut.  So this morning I took Ava to see Kari, the hairdresser that I have been going to for several years now.  She has recently renovated the basement of her home a little to have a studio/salon in her home.  It was very nice and comfortable, especially for Ava's first salon visit!  My little wiggle-worm did SO well, believe it or not!  She sat more still than I have ever seen her sit before while Kari cut off those wispy little waves.  It took only a couple minutes of actual cutting, and the results are pretty darn cute!

Watching cartoons before we leave.

Although still cute most of the time, it was a bit of a mullet.  

At the "beauty parlor"!

Cute stuff!

"Please stop taking my picture, Mom!"

Snuck up on her while she was playing.

"For the love of God, Mom . . . "

Ha ha.  This girl hates having her picture taken, in case you couldn't tell.  And it's impossible to get a smile from her other than a cheesy, scary, toothy, clown grin.  Anyway, there it is!  Her first real haircut!  Sometimes I hardly even recognize her because she has gotten so big; there's very little baby left anymore.

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