Friday, December 14, 2012

Praise and Thanksgiving

While my children nap peacefully, I have a few minutes for a short blog about our Thanksgiving.  I think I might have to say that it was one of the most fun ones I have had so far.  The reason:  simply getting to spend it at home AND with family.  What a blessing.  Our intention had been to go to Grand Junction for Thanksgiving.  We were there for Christmas last year and we have always traded off the holidays since we got married.  We were looking forward to going over so that everyone over there could finally meet our little Junie.  However, the more we planned and the closer it got, it just didn't seem like the trip was going to work out for us this year.  One major reason being that Tim had to leave for Las Vegas the day after we would have been coming back.  So we decided to stay here and spend our Thanksgiving in our own home.

{To those of you in Grand Junction:  We are very sorry that we didn't come over.  :(  We would have loved to have spent it with you.  We are hoping to make a weekend trip over in the next couple of months, once the holiday craziness is over!}

My parents (Nana and Papa) decided that they would drive down and spend Thanksgiving with us, since we were going to be home.  It is always a blast when they come to visit.  We talked Pat & Tina (Grandpa and Gigi) in to coming up for Thanksgiving dinner as well.  I wasn't worried about cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner . . . since I knew I wouldn't be doing it alone!  In fact, it is nearly a tradition in our family to do the turkey on the barbecue.  Yum!  It tastes fabulous, doesn't take up all the oven space, and then the men have to take care of the turkey while we do the rest (for the most part)!

We had a lovely afternoon/evening.  Ava thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend time with Nana and Papa AND Grandpa and Gigi all at the same time!  I thought her head just might explode, but it didn't.  :)  We are so incredibly blessed to have such amazing families.  We really truly LOVE spending time with our parents, and I know many people cannot say the same.  Every holiday season I am again reminded how gracious God has been to me by placing me in my family and in my family by marriage.  And thank goodness they all get along with each other, too!  What a wonderful way to spend a holiday that is meant to be all about giving thanks.

Tim and I praise and thank the Lord every night for the two beautiful girls he has given us, as well.  They are a delight and so much fun!

Here are a few pictures from the day and from Nana and Papa's stay:

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