Friday, October 19, 2012

The Denver Zoo

Last weekend we took advantage of a beautiful weekend in October (well, Sunday was beautiful and Saturday was rainy and fall-ish) and headed down to Commerce City to visit Grandpa and Gigi.  We left home after nap on Saturday afternoon and got there a little after 5.  The plan was for us to leave the girls with Grandpa and Gigi so that we could go out for a little bit of a date, courtesy of a gift card that Tim gave me for my birthday.  Unfortunately once we got there Junie started having a tough time.  She was so upset!  I haven't seen her like that in a long time (since the last time she was at their house, Grandpa said).  I fed her and she still wouldn't calm down.  It was looking like we were going to have to skip our dinner; however, I managed to rock her to sleep and put her in her bouncy seat (it goes everywhere with us).  With the encouragement of our babysitters we ran out the door and went to dinner.  I spent most of the time worrying about June (I know I shouldn't, but what mama doesn't?!), until Tim got a text from Grandpa.  We had been gone an hour and a half or so, and June was still sleeping!  She NEVER naps like that in the evenings!  We ran with that good news and had dessert.  :)  She was still asleep when we got back, but Ava was still up bouncing off the walls.
We spent the night there (much better than driving home late like we've done before) and had a fabulous Sunday morning breakfast a la Gigi.  Then we headed off to the Denver Zoo!  Grandpa and Gigi had been wanting to go with Ava and we hadn't been there with her yet.  The weather was amazingly warm and sunny, without being two warm.  There are lots of mature trees around the zoo, so the fall colors were beautiful.  We saw LOTS of animals.  In some ways it was better than the San Diego zoo.  You can get closer to the animals and the size is not quite so overwhelming.  We spent around four hours there.  It was a lovely day.  Then we headed back home and got ready for the week.

Ava and Gigi checking out the giraffes.

Ava liked watching the seals swimming around.

So stylish in Gigi's sunglasses!

Of course, Ava had to climb on everything.  To get a better view, right?


June and Daddy

The train that Ava rode with Grandpa.  She was so excited!

"I hope I'll get to ride the train someday, too!"

You can't see the lemurs in this picture (they look just like King Julian!) but you can see some pretty fall colors.

And . . . out.

I'm disappointed that I didn't get any pictures of the monkeys in the new elephant part of the zoo.  There are hanging ropes set up for them to swing along and they go right over the pathway in one spot!  We stood for a long time watching a funny white one with a tiny head and a black one with extremely long arms.  Ava kept saying, "Silly monkey!"

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  1. Looks like fun, Mags! Hopefully we can go together some day!