Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Months and Growing

Our little Junie is two months old!  It's true what they say . . . time flies when you're having fun!  She seems to be getting happier and happier these days, and her fussy periods are becoming shorter and less frequent.  She doesn't even scream in the evenings anymore . . . as long as Mama holds her.  :)  She has been sleeping through the night consistently for about a week and a half.  In fact, she has been sleeping 9-10 hours each night, and that's with me waking her up in the morning!  Of course, that doesn't mean I get 9-10 hours of sleep, but 7-8 isn't bad for a mom with a little one!

June is full of smiles these days and she smiles the way Ava did when she was a baby--with her eyes!  She has a beautiful little smile.  She is starting to coo more and is experimenting a little with her voice (right this minute she is squawking a little . . . I think she wants me to pick her up!).  She loves doing tummy time, as long as she isn't already mad about something.  She is doing very well with holding her head up on her own and since she can do so, we can now carry her around facing forward, which she seems to really enjoy.

We are excited to take her on her first trip to Montana soon (except for the whole 8 hours in the car thing) so she can see Nana's house and meet her Aunt Jess, Uncle Brandon and Cousins Cameron and Everett!  She is a joy and a delight and such a fun addition to our family!

Here are some recent pictures of our little Juniper:

Playing on her mat on the floor.

Having trouble staying awake after feeding time.

All smiles!

The Bouncy Seat:  June's third parent.  :)

Lying on the bed with Big Sister!

I used to hate it when Daddy held me, but now that he can hold me like this I love it!  :)



  1. Oh, Maggie, I just love her....I am coming over, be prepared : ) Sometime really soon I DO want to pop over and snuggle her. And I so want our girls to be friends, too.

  2. Great photos Maggie.... They are both so cute... See you soon!