Friday, July 20, 2012

Ava Turns Two!

On June 25th, we celebrated our little girl's 2nd birthday.  She's not so little anymore!  We didn't do anything very momentous.  On Sunday the 24th, Grandpa and Gigi came up and spent the afternoon with us.  They brought presents, including her first baby doll, equipped with all the accessories.  Tim and I had wanted for her to get a baby before our baby came along.  I thought it might be helpful for her to have a baby to take care of while Mama takes care of hers.  And believe it or not, the girl didn't have a baby yet!  We celebrated by opening presents and eating cupcakes and that was about it.  On Monday--her actual birthday--we had cupcakes and sang to her again after dinner.  Then we had a nice conversation with Nana and Papa Ernie via Skype.  Not a bad birthday for a two-year-old.  

Here are some pictures from it.  Ava really likes to look at her birthday pictures on the computer (she loves to watch Picasa slideshows - mostly just pictures of herself, though).  She likes to sing "Happy Birthday" while she watches.  "Happy birthday to youee, youee, youee . . . " is usually how it goes.  :)

Having a snack before opening presents.  Grandpa and Gigi came while she was napping, so she was a little surprised to see them when she woke up.

Reading her "Peekaboo Duck" card.  She still loves it.  :)

Sidewalk chalk?  Yes!

Reading one of her new books with Grandpa.

Opening her baby.  Ooh . . . what could it be?

The look on her face says, "What the heck IS this thing?"

Too bad all babies don't just come nicely wrapped in a box!

So many fun accessories!  It took forever to get them all out of the box.

Baby needs her pacifier.

On a walk with her baby and diaper bag.  As soon as she opened the baby and saw what it was, she was quiet for the next 15 minutes or so . . . so serious about playing with her new baby!

Coloring Outside!  So fun.

Coloring your feet is especially fun.

Attempting to eat a cupcake . . . 

THIS is how you eat a cupcake!

Such a good little mommy!

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