Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hope These Make You Smile!

I'm home with a sick Ava today (poor little girl can't get a break!) so I thought I'd take the time to upload some new video. I am thankful to have a phone that takes pretty good pictures and videos when the moment calls for it (because we are awful about having the camera close by). Anyway, here is a video from a couple weeks ago that one of Ava's teachers took with her iPhone while they were on the playground, and then sent it to me. What a treat to get that text while working at my desk! I love her giggle in this video and it has quickly become Ava's favorite video of herself to watch (she LOVES to watch videos of herself). Enjoy!

And here is a video that Tim took just the other night of Ava performing her favorite dance move. She LOVES music and especially loves to dance to it. She calls music "gik" and demands it almost every night when they get home. The video is a little far away, but it's hard to get close because then she gets distracted by the camera. And please, please, PLEASE, ignore the dorky woman dancing and clapping with her.

By the way, she happens to be dancing to Led Zepplin. Papa Tony would be proud.

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