Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Like to Move It, Move It

That's right. Ava is up and crawling and all over the place! She seems to really be loving her new found freedoms. Gone are the days when she would sit on her blanket for extended periods playing with a few toys. She still does that some, but she quickly becomes bored with her toys and moves on to find something or someone else to entertain her. She stays out of trouble for the most part, but we do find ourselves saying "No touch" a lot lately. She loves to go for the trash can under the desk or the computer power button. It lights up all pretty and blue so why shouldn't I touch it?
Anyway, it has been requested that we get a video of her crawling and we finally succeeded, so here it is:

In other news, the basement is a go! We got the building permit about a week ago (you don't want to know how much that cost!) so now it's just a matter of having time to start. Last weekend was busy. We went down to Boulder and met Grandpa, Gigi and Uncle Toby (Tim's family) for lunch on Pearl Street. After lunch we wandered around a little and took a peek at Toby's store, which was really neat. It was snowing and chilly, but pretty beautiful. Ava seemed to enjoy walking around in the snow with Daddy holding her. On Sunday we had a big Superbowl party for our small group and another young married small group. Pretty fun. So the basement has to wait although Tim is itching to get it going. First off he is tackling the laundry room remodel, though. That's the project for this weekend. We hit a bit of a snag trying to stack the washer and dryer. Tim had ordered the kit directly from the Frigidaire factory and--come to find out--they sent the wrong one. Bummer. He managed to make it work, though, which is good since they won't take it back. Not the greatest example of customer service, but what are you going to do? He's on a parts run to Lowe's right now. Hopefully we'll get those machines all set up soon and then it's just a matter of installing the cabinets and building the countertop (he makes it sound so easy).
Thankfully we're finally all healthy again. I'm hoping that lasts for a long time! I've pretty much used up enough sick time for the whole year already.
There's your Ava update/fix for the week. I'm sure there will be more cuteness to come soon.

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