Sunday, January 30, 2011

My How They Grow!

On Tuesday, the 25th, Ava turned seven months. Now seven months is a fairly decent length of time . . . but it's not that long, really. And yet the changes that a baby goes through in seven months are incredible! In so many ways it's hard to believe that Ava even is the same baby that she was last summer. The things she has learned and the ways she has grown . . . it's incredible! And miraculous. That's exactly it. She's a miracle. Every baby is. God's creation is so evident in the amazing life and growth of these tiny humans. I love it. Every part of it. It's such fun to watch her learn and grow and change . . . and it really is still just beginning!
Almost as if in on cue, Ava started crawling on Tuesday, too. She has been able to crawl for several weeks, but hasn't really cared to do it. Well apparently she decided seven months was the right time to start. She crawls all over the place now. Yesterday she went from our living room to the kitchen, which is probably the furthest she has gone yet. And now my job starts getting a little more difficult. :)

Here's a size comparison for you:

Ava in her bouncy seat at two days old

Ava in her bouncy seat at seven months old. Crazy!
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  1. I love the comparison pictures! So cute,and really, so big and precious and amazing how she's grown! Wow!I love her smile! Also, I'm pretty impressed with the crawling. What a smart and strong baby.