Friday, August 6, 2010

Ava at 6 Weeks

Ava is six weeks old today! That seems like a milestone. And what new things is she doing, you ask? Well, she has several new tricks. In about the last week and a half we've noticed her beginning to see objects in front of her, including toys and her mobile. She now enjoys watching them, especially if they're moving! Her bouncy seat has a little bar that goes over the top with some things that hang down for her to look at. We've begun using that and it is good for entertaining her for a while. She likes to watch the toys move. When they move she wiggles, which makes them move more, which makes her even happier and more wiggly! It's pretty cute. She can also follow an object with her eyes for a little ways, if you hold it in front of her and move it to the side. She can hold a rattle or smallish object if you help put it in her hand. There's a video below of her shaking a rattle (not so much on purpose, but still fun). She can hold her head up like it's her job and loves to do so. Her little neck is pretty strong. There's video below from almost two weeks ago of her doing that, so she's even better now! What else? One of Tim's favorite tricks is helping her stand up on her legs in his lap and then balancing her while she "stands". She can hold her own weight pretty well. Unfortunately, this trick only works if she's mad. :) And the best of all: she's smiling! She's still a little stingy with her smiles, but when she gives them they're adorable! And I captured the elusive smile today! I figured it would be months before I got any smiles on camera, but she gave me several good ones this afternoon. There are pictures below. And she definitely smiled back at me this afternoon when I smiled at her and said "hi!". So fun to see a response!
In recent events we had dinner with Grandpa Clint last night. He was in town on his way to Sturgis. Ava slept through it all, of course, but I'm sure she was glad to "see" him.
Ava and I went for a walk today with Jenn, Breyton and Mara. Breyton is almost two and a half and Mara is about 12 weeks old. Ava and Mara may not know it yet, but they're going to be best friends (at least if Jenn and I have anything to say about it!).
Ava and I only have one more week at home, so we're going to try to make the best of it! Soon she'll be experiencing all kinds of new things when she's at "school". I keep telling her about how neat it will be to watch all the other babies and learn from them. Hopefully she likes it!

I think she's going to love it when she can sit up on her own.

Aren't I cute?

Look at me! I'm holding a rattle AND smiling!

Look at that beautiful smile!

Sparkly little eyes.

Check out these videos. They're probably only exciting if it's your baby, but . . . well, I think they're cute!


  1. Cute cute cute! It's so fun to see smiles and reactions! I love their little personalities! Love walking with you!

  2. I like in the rattle video when she shakes the rattle really well and then freezes, as though to say, "What did I just do?"

  3. I love her smiles! Videos are the best Maggie, because it really makes me feel like I am right there with you! She is so wiggily! Great update, Maggie. Keep 'em coming, I love seeing her cute personality and how much you are enjoying her!