Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

It has been nearly a month since Ava entered our world and life is good. Little Miss has her moments, but she's a good baby and we are really enjoying having her here. She's quite the trooper and has been out and about with us many times now. She's good at sleeping through meetings and events, which is quite convenient for us. She even went grocery shopping with me this week and had her first trip to the Foothills Mall today. What fun. She continues to be healthy and happy. We're struggling a little with her daytime naps (she mostly just doesn't sleep through them) but I'll take that any day considering how well she sleeps at night. It's wonderful to get to spend so much time with her; it will be hard to go back to work, although I suspect that a part of me will be ready, too. It's like the old days of being in school: at the beginning of summer you wanted to never have to go to school again, but by the end of summer you couldn't wait to get back. At least I know she'll be close by and in the best of care. That helps a lot.

In other news, Tim and I have a new nephew! My sister, Jessica, and her husband, Brandon, had their second child just yesterday, the 21st. Little Everett Anthony Sather was born at just about 4pm their time and is a healthy baby boy, weighing in at 7lbs. 13oz., with a length of 20.5in. Both he and mommy are doing great! I can't wait to hear what big brother Cameron thinks of him (he thought his little brother's name should be Spiderman). Tim and I have just bought tickets this week to go out and visit all of them over Labor Day. Ava will get to meet her cousins! I'm slightly fearful about flying with an infant, but figure it's probably easier at 2 months than at 12 months.

Tim has just started another job at work, which is kind of exciting. He'll be working next on a jail renovation in Denver. He'll still be working on the project from the office in Longmont, so he doesn't have to commute down there every day, thankfully. Many of his co-workers will not have work (they will still be employed-but with little to do) come September, so we are praying that FCI is able to find more projects.

I've attached some more pictures, including one of Ava's first visit from Grandpa Clint. He and Great Grandma Garnie (GGG) came up for a bit to see us last Saturday.

Here she is having some "back time" on her "playgym". She now can/will lay on her back happily for quite a while, which makes her much easier to entertain.

Awwww . . .

Grandpa Clint!

Tummy time.

Her first nap in her crib! She's been napping in there for quite a while now, although we have yet to attempt to put her there through the night.

Someday she'll choose her own clothing but for now . . . mommy wins.

She may be scheming . . . or just pooping.

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  1. I love that last picture, and the caption! you make me laugh!
    She is amazing Maggie, and it is so good to see God's blessing and how much you are just ENJOYING it all! I know that for some people this is the roughest part of their lives...poor sleepless mothers, and I know you must be feeling that a bit too, but you seem refreshed and just HAPPY. I love hearing all about what a good mamma you are! Can't wait to meet her!
    I bought her something this week, I just need to get it in the mail! Hopefully after we move. Love you!